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What is an Air Handling Unit (AHU) Mockup Test?
Like a terminal unit mockup test, an air handling unit mockup assembly is designed to measure noise made by mechanical equipment. The mockup enables the owner and project team to experience the noise levels as they would be in the space, and if necessary, make refinements to the architectural and mechanical elements of the design. In high-rise buildings that typically have floor mechanical equipment rooms, it is essential to understand the acoustical ramifications of the proposed design even so far as they relate to compliance with tenant lease agreements.

How is an AHU Tested?
The mockup for testing an air handling unit is actually an assembly consisting of one or more offices adjacent to a mechanical room which houses a floor AHU typical to the project. In the test, airflow is delivered both at the design operating conditions and at various percentages of the design-day air flow. To insure that the testing is accurate, air quantities are read from air measuring stations. At each test point, peak and average sound pressure levels are noted at each octave band frequency. Test results are then plotted on NC curves to establish the unit's acoustical performance based on NC ratings relative to the project's Design Criteria.

Case Study
We recently performed an AHU mockup test for one manufacturer in which we tested a 16,500 CFM air handling unit using supply ductwork constructed of five different sheet metal gauges. The ducts were the same overall length, constructed in the same five-foot lengths with joints and angle reinforcements identically placed. Four were standard unlined ducts in different gauges. For the fifth specimen we used one of the first four ducts but enhanced it. We then tested each unit at different airflow and pressure conditions. The results provided the client with a clear indication of which duct achieved the required NC at a specific airflow level.



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