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These tests are not normally run in a special test area or test room and we refer to them as table top tests.

Temperature mixing and stratification
Many project specifications will call for this type of testing. A discharge duct is attached to the test unit and located in that duct are sensors for reading temperature. Once inlet airflow, pressures and temperatures are set, a recording of the discharge sensors is made to see if specified ratios are met. Primarily dual duct and fan powered units are subjected to this type testing.

Many times, special or different digital control sequences are specified for a building. We have the ability to setup the test equipment to run under these conditions to verify the compliance. However we also test electric or pneumatic, if required.

Terminal Retrofit Performance
Many older buildings are modified to meet today's building codes. In many cases the air distribution equipment is retrofitted, not replaced. This laboratory runs tests on the old equipment and makes suggestions as to what changes need to be made to make that equipment work properly in a modernized building. Most retrofit units are old dual duct and single duct units.



Reverberation Testing

Mockup Room Testing

Curtainwal/Diffuser Room Testing

AHU Mock Room Testing

Miscellaneous Testing