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Independent Test Results: Reverberation Room Testing

Energistics provides manufacturers of fan coil units, terminal units, and GRD's the ability to obtain independent, performance sound data for use in product development or corporate literature. Our reverberation testing room is 14,500 cubic feet, and capable of conducting tests in accordance with ASHRAE, ARI and ISO standards.

Speech Privacy to Mechanical Performance: Mockup Room Testing

Office mockups integrate the project's proposed ceiling, plenum construction, interior architectural requirements, mechanical duct layout, and system requirements. Our mockup allows end users, building developers, engineers and architects to "experience" the acoustical environment of a project's design. This experience is not only an evaluation of the mechanical system's performance, but can also be useful for the interior architect and end user to define Speech Privacy requirements for a project's general office space. The tests conducted provide acoustical and airflow data which are critical to the project engineer in ensuring compliance with project specifications.

Curtainwall Evaluation

Energistics is the only laboratory in the country that mocks up both the curtainwall and office space of each proposed building design. Our curtainwall assembly mockup allows up to 20 feet of the project's proposed exterior building wall to be mocked up. Outdoor temperatures envisioned at the project location are simulated and can range from -30F to 120F. With the proposed air distribution system operating, the perimeter office space temperature, air velocities and air flow patterns can be monitored to evaluate thermal requirements.

Typical Floor AHU Mockup Testing

Energistics is a pioneer in providing a project's typical floor Air Handling Unit in a mockup condition reflective of all the architectural and mechanical conditions of a proposed project. Our AHU mockup assembly is 16 feet wide and 53 feet long including two adjacent closed plan offices. It is capable of accommodating most custom floor air handlers.



Reverberation Testing

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