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What is Terminal Mockup Testing?
Energistics is a pioneer of terminal unit mockup testing. Mockup testing measures the sound emitted by the ducts, terminal units and/or the diffusers of an HVAC unit. Acoustical consultants use mockup testing when the same unit is going to be installed in building numerous times. The test results indicate whether or not the equipment will perform as designed. Manufacturers use mockup testing in order to document the performance of their equipment, which can then be used in catalogues or advertisements.

How is Terminal Mockup Testing Conducted?
To conduct a terminal mockup test, a room is constructed according to the architect's or manufacturer's design specifications. Using these specifications, the exact design of the space in which the terminal equipment will eventually be installed can be replicated. This replication is so exact that even the lighting fixtures are identical to those that will eventually be in the building.

With the specified construction in place, for any given project, we generally run several test specimens in order to see how that affects the noise level. We often use different sized units, and sometimes add or remove added-on components. In addition to interchanging the equipment, we also change the plenum size.

Case Study
We conducted one such test for a major manufacturer of air conditioning equipment. We constructed the test room according to specifications, including paint on the wall and carpeting. We ran six different tests in which different elements, such as the size of the inlet, the size of the blower, the power of the fan, and the location of the duct were changed. The elements which remained constant were the type of blower, the gauge of the galvanized steel for the ductwork, and the fact that each was equipped with a return air boot. In the final analysis, we were able to determine that three of the units could run at their maximum set point and meet the specifications regardless of their construction. The last three units exhibited differences due to construction and set points had to be modified to meet specifications.



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